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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A week of squirrels.

Lots of squirrel calls this week! Last weekend started with a poor baby from the Animal Rescue League. I will spare you the details on the poor little guy, but unfortunately, he had to be euthanized.
Almost had a couple of reds to go with my little red girl, but the caller was in New Hampshire and got them to a closer rehabber. Not that I want more orphans mind you, but little Red is going to need some siblings of her own kind!
Then there were these adorable babies. They had been orphaned since at least last Friday, when the woman started hearing them crying in their tree. Over the course of the weekend they started popping out of the tree, one taking a tumble that caused some trauma to the nose. They took them in and by the time she contacted me Tuesday morning I was at work and worried enough that I didn't want them to wait until I got home to bring them to me. Luckily Mary was around to save the day! She took them in, got them warm, hydrated and out of danger! Whew!! I picked them up on my way home and have to say they weren't as bad as I expected.
All 5 are doing great and they have all opened their eyes since last weekend.

 Even the poor little boy with the injured nose is great! It's already back to normal, no more bloody nose and snuffling. In fact if I hadn't marked them, I wouldn't know the difference between them now!

 Needless to say they are quite content now, gaining weight, and all 5 are even shredding rodent block already. Yup, they are going to be just fine!

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  1. They look so adorable and very healthy. Well done you!