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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Food coma's make the cutest squirrel pictures!

It always amazes me how a full belly can change these guys from total squirm balls into down right, unconscious, sleep anywhere in any position, totally content creatures!
These are the adorable new babies....squirrel season #2 is in full swing! There is a litter of 3....2 boys and a girl...that were found on the ground with some minor bites to their tails. A single girl Mary had that was the perfect size to go in with them, and a cute little red. She's a single who needed the comfort of others and this gang is the closest in size.
As you can see, Red has no problem fitting in, and her step-siblings were more than happy to welcome her. 

Watertown, the young coonie brought to me by the ACO was released last night. The woman who found him on her balcony was more than happy to let him return back to his home territory. Turns out there were 3 others peeking in her balcony door the other night....perhaps still looking for little brother? He very un-ceremoniously walked over to the tree in the yard and climbed up out of sight. I have no doubt he would catch up to his crew later on!

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