North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stinkers, possums and a squirrel.

Well here are the little stinkers in their new home.....right next to my home! This hole is outside my front door and I am sure there is a wonderful maze of tunnels across my front yard for these guys to get comfortable in. I originally thought they may have evicted my groundhog, however I have seen him still hanging around the holes. I think lease agreements have been made!

 They have also learned to get along with the coonies out there too. I imagine they should, since it was the coonies mostly responsible for breaking them out in the first place!
 I don't suspect the coonies have to much of a problem with the little stinkers anyway. It appears one of the adults out there prefers to hang out with gangs of masked bandits! Notice that un-coon like tail in the midst below?
 I pretty regularly see this guy just chillin' with the gang like he was one of them, and the gang seems to pretty much consider him a pal! They don't just eat together in the same area...they all pretty much sit right on top of each other and chow down. I'm happy to see such harmony among my kids out there....I taught them well! LOL

One night a few weeks ago it was time for some of Laurie's gang of fangs to head out into the big world! Boy were they ready, and none to grateful for the head start in life either! All they did was snap at us, little buggars! LOL Good to see though, they are ready to be wild and they won't be making friends with anyone anytime soon!  

This squirrel has been a regular at my feeders. Easy to tell her apart due to the white eye. She is blind in that eye but does great out there. I was getting ready for work yesterday morning when I happen to look out my window and saw a squirrel out there with an obviously injured leg. When I went down to check on it, it was none other than my white eyed friend here! Blind in one eye and obviously injured on a leg, you would think an easy catch! But noooooo!
It's times like this I am happy I live out in the woods where people cannot see the crazy lady running around the back yard in pj's with a net, chasing around an injured squirrel, while tripping in ripped slippers and dodging dog poop mines! Anyway....I caught the damn squirrel! LOL When I put her in one of the pens, she went right for the release door! Ding Ding flag.....this squirrel was obviously pretty familiar with the pen! So I'm guessing one of the past releases. Most of them are Joann's so she is going to come over and help me try to check this one out. I had the opportunity to have one of Laurie's vets take a look at it last night, however after 45 minutes trying to get it out of the hollow tree in the pen, I gave up in frustration!!! (I mean FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!) Hopefully we can get it out and into a smaller cage where I can work with it and maybe get it to Tuft's depending on what we discover when we examine it. It's got a great appetite and can obviously get around well I am optimistic!


  1. I remember the time I went to fed the "barn kitty" we had when we lived in VA and a opossum came over to get the food! Scared the crap out of me!!!...:)JP

  2. Are those skunks eating rats?