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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Rundown.

Are you ready??? Here they are in all their cuteness!
Romeo, Juliette, the Rowley 4 (Bonnie, Clyde, Sampson, Delilah), Rikki, Tikki, Tavi, Bear and Picasso in one big coonie pile.......

 The Brockton 6.....

 Digger and Bitty.....

 Munchkin (OMG is he not the cutest little thing!!!), one of the 3 that came in together from the ARL. He came in with his sister Muffin and another single that was little older, Bagel, that had already been put together with them prior to getting here so I kept them together for their quarantine. They are in the cage in the background...sorry it was just impossible to get a picture of those two that wasn't anything more than a blur!
 Newton, the Reading boys and the single female from the ARL are having regular visits with the Arlington single. Initially ready to call her Killer due to her not so happy to be here demeanor, her playtime with the other 6 have made her more of a Sweetie! She has really come out of her shell and is actually running around and playing with them. She is especially fond of Newton as you can see!

One new baby brought in.....the big 30, picked up on the side of the road roaming around. The finders said a raccoon had been hit by a car the day before right in that area and they were pretty sure it was mom. This one is the new Killer LOL! Not happy at all with me or the new situation, but like Sweetie, nothing a little time won't change. Once the quarantine is over I'll introduce him to Sweetie and the gang and they'll bring him out of his shell in no time! Also like Sweetie, doing well eating formula out of a bowl, which is good since he's not letting me anywhere near him for any reason right now!
And there you have it in a nutshell as far as the raccoons go!
In the land of squirrels, the 7 older squirrels have moved into the outdoor release pen. Another older single that came in is in another outdoor pen. It was old enough to be weaned, and eager to kill me anytime I went near the cage to do anything! It's a miracle I got her outside without being bloodied!
Only 3 little ones left inside still on formula, but starting to nibble rodent chow.
Whew.....I'm tired just thinking about all the babies to feed.....

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