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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where did I leave off?

OK...continuing with raccoons....
Four yet to be named boys, found crawling around a couple days after a raccoon had been hit by a car in the road in N. Reading. All 4 are doing great and way too active for a decent picture, sorry!
Two more followed close on their heels....this girl from the Animal Rescue League (picture courtesy of them!) from an unclear situation....
.....and this boy brought in by a very nice family from Newton. He was found wandering around on the ground, no idea why or what may have happened. Nice and quiet when he came in, he's quite boisterous and active now! Both are doing great and eating like pigs and I'm sure they will be happy when their quarantine is over and they can have company too!
Our little unique boy was not reunited with mom, so he is settled in here now as well. This little piece of art is Picasso, and he's a little on the quiet and reserved side. I think he's just a little freaked out by all the changes that have gone on in his life recently. Not to mention he's all by himself until he's out of quarantine. But he's coming out of his shell a little bit more with every feeding, and in about a week he'll have more friends to play with! This guy may actually be one of my grandkids as he was found not to far away from here. Thanks so much Colleen for helping him out!
A day later, 6 more cuties! 3 boys and 3 girls in perfect shape. Mom had been hit by a car in Brockton and luckily the caller knew about the babies. Their den was of course high up in a tree so the ARL to the rescue again! They got the babies down the day after mom was hit so aside from being a little dehydrated and hungry, they are the picture of health. No problem getting them on the bottle and boy are they a handful!
Two more singles that were each found in various places wandering around on the ground were brought in and are safe with Laurie. One was pretty skinny and obviously orphaned. One younger one was in great shape and obviously not without mom for too long. I gave it fluids and a reunite was attempted, but like Picasso, no luck.

Bear is doing awesome and has recovered perfectly! Out of quarantine, eating like a pig and packing on the weight. He is now happy to have friends, hanging out with Romeo, Juliette and the Rowley 4.

Digger, Bitty, Rikki, Tikki and Tavi are doing great also. Digger, although younger, has outgrown Bitty already! He's so tiny, but doing great! His eyes have finally opened and although little, he looks like a normal coonie should and I'm sure he'll catch up as time goes by.

One more rescue....these little ducklings were pulled from a storm drain at work. Unfortunately the people did not wait for me to get there after they called me. By the time I got there, there were about 20 people running around chasing the ducklings they had already pulled out, had put down on the  ground, and had started running around the parking lot with cars going by. The whole commotion scared off the mom and 2 ducklings that managed to evade the storm drains. Once I managed to pull the rest of the ducklings out of the drain and gathered the rest running around in traffic, I drove around looking for mom to no avail. In fact I didn't find a single duck at any of the ponds up in the business complex area.
After consulting with Jodi, an awesome bird rehabber I might add, I took the babies in for rehab. I set them up with some heat, water and food....
.....they ate like pigs and made themselves at home in the guest tub until Dr. Weiner, one of the great vets at Woburn Animal Hospital, transported them up to Gloucester with a cardinal to Jodi. 
A happy ending for the ducklings, however it would have been better to get them with their mom. There is that much less room in rehab for future ducklings that are actually orphaned......

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