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Monday, May 6, 2013

All kinds of craziness!!!

We managed to rescue this adorable little coyote pup in Pepperell on Friday.The resident was kind enough to rip up the floor of a shed to get to her! Wonderful people! Thanks to them for looking out for this little girl!! Aside from being a little skinny, dehydrated and scared, she is doing great. She spent a few days with Mary until Sue transported her to a wonderful rehabber in Western MA that specializes in them.

 The same day we got the coyote, I ended up with this very cute little gosling! The nest was on the roof of a building and when they all jumped off, this little fella hurt it's leg. He's at Tuft's now and I'm really hoping he is able to recover! He was a good patient and ate very well while I had him....of course that meant he pooped very well too! Holy crap! (pun intended!)
And speaking of resident buddy Hissy and the missus made an appearance today with their 4 new kids! Adorable.

There are squirrels everywhere! We've been overrun! My gang here is getting big and eating lots of tasty things...but they love it when they get a nut for a treat. No sooner did it get easier dealing with them and more came in. One trip to Tuft's to deliver a hit by car possum with her babies...and I end up coming home with 8 baby possums and 6 baby squirrels. It was a tight fit, but we divvied them up between me, Laurie and Lisa. Laurie took the possies and me and Lisa the squirrels. We're a little out of room for more until the present residents move outside and free up some cages.

Not to be outdone, the raccoons are closing in fast! Six more have arrived here over the course of the weekend and more expected tomorrow after a possible rescue by the ARL and an attempted re-unite by another resident. I did get a look at the little one we are attempting to re-unite and it was in good shape, only a little dehydrated. I gave it some fluids and set her up with our reuniting box. She actually lives it's probably one of my grand kids! LOL. Very cute with a unique mask. I really hope mom comes back!!

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