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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dusty and crew update....

Last weekend, 2 weeks after release, these 3 were still hanging around! All of them were hanging out in a tree nearby the pen. Dusty and Sissy roused when I went out there. They came down for a visit, had a little snack, a little dip in a little pool and all was well. Buddy on the other hand....well I got the ears back, body flattened against the branch, if I don't move, you can't see me pose!

This past Wednesday I ran outside in the middle of the night to the sound of what appeared to be a raccoon in mortal danger! Raccoons sound nasty enough when fighting, but this was the sound of something very wrong. Of course my running out to where the noise was coming from ended it. I poked around a little then made my way back to the pens to check on things. In hobbles Dusty....very beat up! He retreated into the pen of course and after checking the extent of his wounds the next day, decided he needed to stay in for some treatment. All 4 paws chewed up, a good wound on the bridge of his nose causing bad swelling and making it difficult for him to breath out of his nose and other various wounds everywhere else! Poor boy! Well he's been in through the weekend on metacam and antibiotics and is doing much better! Boy do they heal much faster than domestic animals! He's able to breath again and can walk and climb around the pen without discomfort. He's looking to get out again so I gave him a shot of convenia to keep infection at bay and I will most likely open the release door again tonight. Sissy was around last night looking for him too. Lets hope he's not like Vin and doesn't go out and get himself into the same trouble all over again!
It was a busy weekend.Ten of  Romeo's gang (Romeo, Juliette, the 6 Brockton babies, Bear and Picasso) were vaccinated and moved outside finally! Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in peace and raccoons across the hall chattering and making a racket from 2am to 5am every morning!
The Rowley 4, Rikki, Tikki and Tavi are still in there, rejoined by Digger and Itty Bitty.
Laurie brought over 12 of her bigger babies and the last empty pen is now full.

We are working feverishly to finish the new pen so we can have room for everyone (now that we both have trashed spare bedrooms that were taken over by the overflow of raccoons this year!). The enclosed section of the roof is on, the sides have been wrapped in the welded wire and the door frame is on. The wire section of the roof needs to go on, the openings in the rafters of the enclosed roof section need to be filled in and the door needs to be finished.....then, just maybe, we'll have everyone outside and get some breathing room!

8 more skunks have arrived here as well. Lisa got them in mid week and they were in pretty rough shape. She did the hard part of getting them all re-hydrated and onto clinicare and I took over on Friday. Most are doing great! A couple were not looking so good, but appear to be holding their own and are now out drinking formula from a bowl. They refused to take it from me via syringe or bottle, but when I put them down in front of the bowl.....voila! Whew!

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