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Friday, July 19, 2013

The littlest ones.

The last of the inside kids! The very adorable Rowley 4, Rikki, Tikki, Tavi, and now, rejoined by Digger and Itty Bitty. It was like they were never gone and their siblings happily welcomed them right back. They are pretty attached to each other and stick close together.
This whole gang is pretty small.Itty and Digger are definitely going to be overwintering, and the rest remains to be seen. There is also a good chance that Munchkin and Muffin from Sweeties group may stay as well which means a raccoon shuffle is in the future. For now, enjoy the cuteness!!
 Tavi is pretty small too and will probably be staying also...

 Itty Bitty may be underdeveloped and funny looking, but he's quite the carnivore! I was totally shocked when I introduced mice and chicken wings....he was the only one to devour the mice and no problem digging right in to the chicken! Luckily they were just little "popcorn" mice because I think he ate them all!

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