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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

The original 5 stinkers have been released! They are still hanging around, utilizing the feral cat shelters I have out there, but free to roam as they please!
Now on to 7 new ones. Mary has been flooded with skunks so I took this adorable crew of  7 off her hands. Just as full of attitude as the last, I get the stomp and tail end when I approach. Unless they are sleeping! They sleep like the dead! In fact a couple of them freaked me out the first time, sprawled out and just laying there. I ran over and opened the cage, yelling the whole time, and still no reaction! Luckily I noticed the chests rising and the steady breathing before I decided to rudely shake them, or I would have seriously regretted it, LOL. After the Awwwww moment while I enjoyed watching how cute they were as they slept, I gave a little scritch to the chin just to make sure it was, in fact, just a deep sleep. When they gently started to rouse I let them be and heaved a sigh of relief. Jeeze, I hate when they scare me like that!
They are all settled in and eating like pigs and will go into the vacated outdoor pen as soon as I get it cleaned up!
Dusty, Buddy and Sissy are not cooperating by vacating the pen! They are still using it on a regular basis....something none of the coons have ever done since I starting rehabbing them. Of course, the one time I need them to move along quickly so I can get it cleaned out and move babies in there.......ugghhhh!! And of course I don't have the heart to force them out either! What a dilemma!

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