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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fisher and other updates.

Remember the fisher Lisa got a wile back? Well he did awesome and here he is after being released!
Gorgeous huh! Nice job Sam! She'll be keeping an eye on him out there. Good luck pal!

Squirrels have started to trickle in. Mary & JoAnn have a couple and I was kind enough to pass on these 3 little ones to Lisa. Some carpenters pulled apart the nest in a roof and unfortunately we were unable to reunite.
 This poor raccoon......I am assuming a "he" due to it being huge, didn't get a good look at the under carriage ....was found on a harbor cruise boat. Unfortunately, it had made several stops between Provincetown and Boston and it is unknown where he got on. You can not just relocate and blindly release an adult raccoon in a new place for several reasons....the top 2 being the spread of disease and competition in a new territory. So this guy will be spending some time in quarantine, then we will acclimate him to a new area so he can hopefully be released with a fighting chance!
Don't remember if I ever mentioned the last group of 8 little stinkers I got from Lisa. They were in rough shape when she got them, but she got them re-hydrated and off to a good start. All 8 recovered nicely and are growing like weeds!

They have been moved to an outdoor pen and are loving it!


  1. Cassandra TompkinsAugust 8, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    Thanks Deanna for posting the magnificent Fisher pics. Its not often one comes across an abandoned babe. My first Fisher rehab was 8 yrs ago! When he was released, he hung around for a week, then he went away, and reappeared a week later, stayed for 2 days, and now has been gone for 2 weeks. I wonder if I'll see him again! Thanks Lisa for giving him to me to rehab. Its been a cherished experience.

  2. That Fischer is awesome! We have them around here I'm told although I've never seen or heard one yet. However, I think I saw a Bobcat slinking through the forest!!! Can I have your #...just in case?...LOL!!!...:)JP