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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good bye Bitty.

I am so saddened to report the loss our little Itty Bitty on Friday. I found him dead in the pen. We knew there was a chance he wouldn't survive, but it was a shock anyway. He was perfectly playful and fine the day before, and aside from his development, acted just like any other normal baby. :(

It is possible his condition was due to a liver shunt. Animals that have it are often runty, failure to thrive babies. Based on his development, and that his gums were slightly yellowish when I found him, all roads point to liver issues. A liver shunt explains a lot!
One thing is for sure, he was a very happy boy for his short little life! He had plenty of friends, fun and chicken wings to rip apart with gusto!
 Digger will be so lost without him, they were practically attached at the hip. Rest easy little man.

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