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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby season still going strong!

Some of the new guests that have been keeping us very  busy in the last couple of weeks!
This adorable little girl was found stuck upside down inside the walls at National Grid. Thanks to the crew over there that realized something was wrong and cut open the wall to get her out, or it would have been a horrible end for her. She's doing great, and being only about 8weeks old, she will obviously be spending the winter.

 The second round of squirrel babies has begun to flood in. We are all in round the clock feeding mode again! All different ages and conditions, we've been juggling them around amongst us to get them in groups of similar ages.

The ARL got these adorable rats to us. Apparently they had been discovered and people were stomping on them to kill them. A homeless man managed to save these 2, then called the ARL to rescue them. They are now in JoAnn's very capable hands. She's awesome with critters this tiny. They were only 14 grams! Yikes!

Occasional baby possums are still trickling in here and there. This adorable little one was the lone survivor after the family was hit by a car and has joined Laurie and her possie's.

Baby buns are still trickling in also, and as usual, they end up in JoAnn's care! She's the bunny queen!
Baby season is still in full swing here!

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