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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally....some updates!

I know it's been a little quiet on here.....sorry for that, but we've been dealing with a lot of animals! When it boils down to it, the care of the animals comes before spending precious time on the computer long enough to post an update!
But never fear....I've got a cute one for ya here!

Natty G is growing like a weed (here with Munchkin) and she, along with Digger, McFly, and Tavi, have moved into the big pen with Annie, Munchkin, and Muffin.

 A couple more have been added to the mix as well. One of Laurie's little ones, Paws, fit right in. Another larger boy, Tuk Tuk, that was raised as a single all summer has also joined the group. He's big enough for release, but doesn't know he's a raccoon yet..... Annie is teaching him raccoon etiquette pretty quickly though!

Another new addition has arrived as well. Henry here, was being held by a rehabber near the Cape until he could be brought up here after his quarantine. He is too young to join the gang in an outdoor pen even! He is quite adorable and once he is old enough, he will be able to join the overwinters and finally have friends to play with. In the meantime, he'll get some playtime with them to get acquainted.

There is one more baby that needs to overwinter that will be making it's way here soon as well and I think that will round out the group at 11 overwinters.
 This weekend Laurie and I plan on releasing the last 26 that are ready to go! Woohoooo!

 The 3 groups of squirrels I have here are doing great. The smallest 4 will be overwintering most likely. 2 came from the ARL and the other 2 were each singletons found on a porch or in a yard.


The last 5 to arrive from the ARL are doing great and growing fast, so they should be ready to go this year.

The older group with Chunky and Monkey are huge and I'm getting ready to put them in the outdoor pen soon!

All skunks are gone! Slowly but surely things are starting to wind down around here......whew!

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