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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweetie's group gets released!

Well yesterday was the big release day for most of Sweetie's extended group!! It was a big group so only a big, wonderful area would do! Thank you Carol and Nancy for helping us and providing such a place! A property with acres and acres, abutting more acres and acres of state forest. Full of everything a raccoon could possibly need.....swamps, ponds, brooks, meadows, woods, and plenty of natural food sources. You name it, it's there!  Score! We can't thank you enough for letting our babies into your little piece of heaven on earth....and for watching over them until they find their own way in the wild.
Good luck to Laurie's gang, Sweetie, Killer, J'adore, Bagel, Lox, the 4 Reading brothers, Newton and Meeko on your big adventure!

Meanwhile back at home, Annie from Upton, Munchkin and Muffin were not ready for release with the rest of the group. They will be staying for the winter and eventually joining Tavi, Digger, McFly and Natty G.

Natty G was introduced to Tavi, McFly and Digger this past week and has been spending time with them every day. Digger adores her! She misses Itty Bitty terribly and I think something about Natty reminds her of him because she dotes over her like she did him. Natty is equally as happy to have Digger. Tavi and McFly could take her or leave her, but don't mind her. Last night Natty officially spent the night with her new pals, cuddled in the den box all cozy and warm with her new siblings!

23 down, 16 to go from here and 12 to go from Laurie! I see a light at the end of the tunnel! ;) Looking forward to a relaxing winter with only 7 raccoons to take care of!

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  1. Great photos and, more importantly, great work!

    I'd love to come see you someday.