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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Squirrels and more squirrels!

Little Skinny Minny, the squirrel that came in very emaciated after being fed an improper diet for about a week after being found, is doing great! She has filled in nicely and looks much better! She's smaller than she should be and her coat is a little sparse, but she's improving every day.
This is a perfect example of how well intentioned people who rescue a little baby can do more harm than good when they try raising them themselves. Not only was Minny emaciated, but she was also suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease, due to getting the wrong diet at a very important stage of her life! Minny lucked out, we got her in time, but too many other times we get them too late. Please, if you find orphaned wildlife, get in touch with a rehabilitator! There is so much more to raising them and keeping them healthy than just feeding them something.

Chunky and Monkey have opened their eyes and although younger than Minny, they weigh much more! They are also professional snoozers for sure as you can see!

Lots and lots of baby squirrels are in and they are still coming.....I only have a few compared to the many Lisa, Laurie and JoAnn have!

The 8 skunks were released last night finally! Unfortunately they were not about to show themselves until I wasn't around......I'm guessing that had something to do with me dragging them out and vaccinating them before sorry, no pics!

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