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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And we're off.....

As of this past weekend, there has been an explosion of intakes! We went from 0 to 60 in no time. Among them, a lot of very young bunnies! Here are just 5 of many, only days old.

I can't even count how many squirrels came in, all different sizes and ages. I only ended up with 6 approximately 5 week old babies. Five of these were rescued by the ARL from a tree in Newton after the wonderful homeowners found mom dead and discovered what she left behind! Luckily for the babies, they got them the help they needed, and they are all doing great! Another single around the same age came in from Tuft's and has joined them.

A lot more have been spread out between Laurie, Lisa, Mary and JoAnn!
And wow! Look at how big JoAnn's original little pinkies are now!
Ricky the raccoon is doing awesome and has been joined by a new friend, Mickey.

 Mickey's mom was evicted from an attic and the entrance was closed before it was discovered she had babies in there. They were set up in a reuniting box and mom claimed 3 of the 4. None the worse for wear, he came to us in great shape and is doing fine and he's just the companion Ricky needed.

Two more boys came in from the MSPCA yesterday and will be able to join Ricky and Mickey after a quarantine.
 Looks like it's going to be boy town around here. So far 9 boys and 1 girl among the squirrels and raccoons here!

I'm also happy to report Munchkins eye is about 90% better! It looks great and is functioning like it should be! Whew!

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  1. Hi there, my name is Isis. The two raccoon babies that you got from the MSPCA...I brought them there. I just wanted to tell you that their names are Meeko and Teeko. The small one is Teeko the bigger of the two is Meeko. I'm so glad they found a home to grow and be safe!!