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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The boy's club.

Little Tyson here came in with his umbilical cord still attached. He had a rough start, but is doing well so far. He has graduated from a feeding tube to a bottle and everything is going in and coming out the way it should be! Yippeeeeee! 
Did I mention he is the most adorable thing ever?! :)
Three babies came in as the result of a hideous pest control company that didn't do it's job humanely or correctly!! Dennis the Mennis is the company, and they removed mom and didn't bother checking for babies. You can't tell me they didn't know better! Anyway, they were frozen and barely moving or able to cry when they came in. Luckily after warming up they began to improve, and all 3 are doing great. All boys......
The original 4 boys are doing great. The 2 MSPCA babies are starting to open their eyes and are now cuddled up with Ricky and Mickey.
 Ricky is the little blond guy top left, Mickey the dark one top right and the 2 MSPCA boys are piled on top of each other.
One more little one was brought in by the last a girl!! She's very young and close in size to Tyson so he's going to have a friend soon! She was another one left behind after mom was reunited with the rest.

The squirrels continue to trickle in also. No less testosterone there either! Thanks to the last group of 4 that came in, we now have 2 girls! 2 girls out of 12, LOL!
 They are all pretty darn cute too!

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