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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cornish hens and Wino's!

The oldest group, my beautiful Wino's with Arnold, Tilt and Whirl, are going to be released soon. They are big and beautiful and Tilt no longer has a tilt. All are perfectly healthy and ready to go. They certainly have no problem tackling food, in the many forms they will find in the wild out there!
For example.....Cornish hens, one of many, many things donated by our wonderful friends at Whole Foods in Melrose!!!!  No cutting things up for them anymore. Just throw it in whole and it's up to them to figure it out. There were some pretty great tug-o-wars over some of them, but in the end they all got their fill!

Fruits and veggies are all thrown in  whole as well as raw eggs. All this stuff wouldn't be prepared and cut up for them in the wild, so they have to learn to deal with it as is. They love ripping apples and pears apart and they are experts at cracking open an egg to get the yummy, golden liquid inside.....then they eat the shell too!

They may be heading out to the release site this weekend, weather permitting. This is my favorite group and I'm going to miss them, but it will be nice to free up the large pen so Abbott's group can be moved into there. At that time, Ali and Ash (who have come back here from Laurie) will probably be moved in with them as well. Ali has grown quite large and lovely! It was originally thought they would have to overwinter, but a recent growth spurt indicates otherwise! Tyson also returned with them, but he will most likely have to overwinter. Right now they are all together with Peter (and soon Piper) and hopefully Tyson will bond enough with Peter so as not to be too upset when Ali (who he as been with from the very beginning) and Ash join the other group. There is plenty of time to figure all that out though. We definitely have an overwinter group with Peter, Piper, Pickles and Pepper....and we will be juggling babies around as we figure out who is staying or going and where they will be, so that drama is to be continued.......

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