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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Peter and stinkers!

Little Peter here is just way to adorable!! He's doing great hanging with the big kids, Ali, Tyson and Ash.

Ali (top) is big and beautiful now, here with Ash. Hard to believe she (and Tyson) used to be the two little peanuts below!

Ali, Ash and Tyson wasted no time getting to know the place when they arrived!

Little Peter was hesitant at first, but it didn't take long before he was wreaking havoc right next to them!

Tyson is a little camera shy and he's so black....just like River!

Piper is also growing like a weed. It won't be long before she can join the bigger kids.

We released the Wino's last night. With that pen being freed up, we should be able to so some juggling and get Ali and Ash mixed with Abbott's group.

The last of my beautiful stinkers have been released! They have already set up housekeeping in an old groundhog hole in the back yard. When I sit by the hole, and if I ask really sweetly (by that I mean bribing with a mouse!), sometimes one will come out and say Hi!  They are doing great!

Boomer, of course, had to make sure he oversaw the whole operation....from a safe distance..LOL! :)

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