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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two new girls, bunnies & possums, and a long awaited update!'s been a while since I've even had a second to get on the computer!
I have added 2 new kids to the mix....I didn't want to due to the parvo I am dealing with, but they had no other choice....just being extra careful with them and have moved the other 8 who have remained parvo free to another room altogether.
Here we have a little girl....she's a little older, say 7ish weeks and what a spitfire she was when she came in!! Boy did she want to kill me! Some TLC and being the only source of yummy formula was enough to make her come around though! She's still a little shy, but at least she's not trying to kill me anymore! LOL
Her mom was harassed out of the attic den, then it was boarded up. Suddenly neighbors saw 2 of these wandering around. One was never found (I can only hope mom came back and collected it!) and this girl was finally located a couple days later cuddled up to a dead possum near the yard she came from. Skinny, hungry and scared, but none the worse for wear!
This girl came the same day, found under a truck in a buys parking lot at a strip mall. She is a giant for her age.....almost twice the weight of the older girl above and weeks younger!! A freak of nature as far as I'm concerned, but damn cute none the less!! She's built like Baloo the bear....big belly and a chunky back Baloo she is.

Here are the 7 bunnies JoAnne released in my yard.....I see them on my overgrown lawn every now and then eating the out of control clover growth!

I'm no possie expert...that's Mary's field, but we are all overloaded so I got these girls found on the side of a city street along with the rest of their siblings who were dead. Unknown what happened to mom, but I can guess the whole gang was struck by a car, most were killed and mom probably ran off injured and died somewhere....
One had a few injuries and did not make it, but the other girl is doing fine...eats well and poops up a storm...I lovingly call her Poopie!! LOL

She's even starting to eat on her own already thank god!

As for the rest of the gang.....all healthy and no signs of any illness. Cinnamon and Peanut have opened their eyes finally and are cute as hell! Razz is loving being in with the fab 5. They are growing fast!!
River is doing great! Her appetite is back to normal, her poops are still soft but normal and she's packing on the weight again. No signs of ataxia so she appears to be out of the woods thank god! She'll have to remain alone in quarantine for a while, but it's a small price to pay for her life and to escape this horrible disease without any neurologic symptoms and be able to be released....

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