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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Another new addition....a little girl. Mom had her den in a chimney and a fire was lit in the fireplace. The babies fell out, into the fire. 1 died immediately. The remaining 2 were put in a box and left on the roof for 2 pretty cold nights. Finally a young family member went onto the roof after discovering what happened to retrieve the babies, only to discover a second one dead and our little girl here close to it....
After a good dose of warmth and TLC, she is resting comfortably. She has burns on the pads of 3 of her feet and is having some respiratory problems due to either smoke inhalation or being out in the cold for 2 nights or both! Any damage due to smoke inhalation is beyond my care now after 2 days went by without treatment, but she is on antibiotics in case of pneumonia or secondary infections due to inhalation and she is in guarded but good condition so far. She's still being re hydrated but should be up to full formula by evening and baring any complications, should heal up well.

So the Dumb-ass Award goes to the brother and sister of the guy that brought her to me for lighting a fire in the fireplace, knowing there was a raccoon living in there!! He was quite upset at how stupid they were -his sentiments exactly. He said even his younger 10 year old sister was smarter, advising the older siblings it was a bad idea to start a fire. You just can't fix stupid.

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