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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby updates.

The gang is doing great. Razz's eyes are finally starting to open (a little late I might add)! He was officially out of quarantine a couple days ago so once the fab 5 clear on the 11th, he will be able to go in with them since they are about the same size.
Cinnamon and Peanut are doing great and are out of quarantine tomorrow....

....eating like little pigs too I might add! In fact, they are the best eaters of them all!

The fab 5...Cat, Diesel, Dozer, Tank and Mack also doing great!! With the exception of Dozer, every one's eyes are fully opened and everyone is eating like pigs and growing like weeds! These guys have the biggest lungs on them by far! They will be out of quarantine by the 11th, but I don't anticipate any problems with this age if they had something they would most likely be showing some signs by now.

River is doing well. She's used to me and not afraid anymore and likes cuddle time with mommy. She started out with the bottle great, but not so well now. However she is cutting her teeth which is most likely the reason. She's healthy and active otherwise, so far, and even likes to get a little playful with me. So she's getting some sub q fluids for a boost and like it or not, she's getting formula fed with a syringe to keep her strength up!

I'll breath easier when she's eating like a pig again and her quarantine is over though!

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