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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Checking in on the coon den

Had one of the camera's set up over at the coon den in the woods.....Daisey's Den. Not much activity at all in about a week. Of course I set it up right after about a foot of snow, so that's to be expected!
One brave soul peeks it's head out.....and decides "Screw this!" and right back in. Needless to say no one else ventured out that night either!
Finally after a warm day a lot of the snow had melted in the wooded areas....and we have someone who just couldn't wait till dark.....and it's Tosser!! I was very happy to see him doing well. I'm amazed at the diverse group that holes up in here. I think it is a very large underground area. There are other vent and exit holes all over the area....another exit hole is about 6ft behind Toto here at about 10 o'clock in this pic, near the large fallen branch there.

One brave soul was out in all that snow, but not brave enough to crawl into the den he discovered!

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