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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watcha got Mom??

It's too bad I didn't have the panoramic view on my camera for this one! I walk in with treats and the gang lines up! I could only get 6 of them in here.....but 10 of the 12 were lined up at the time! River tries to get a closer look at what she's getting!

They were more than thrilled with the eggs Auntie Laurie brought!

The fruit.....not so popular....especially when there are eggs and mini marshmallow's to be had!

I guess we know what Witchey thinks of the sweet potato.

The clean up.

Witchey decides on the nuts in the pool.

The pool is out of the cage now.....all the outside water is shut off so cleaning and filling it isn't possible. Not to mention it just freezes into one big ice chunk! They'll have to wait until spring again! We are now in the middle of our second snow storm! Yuck!

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