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Friday, December 18, 2009

Updates on the release sites.

I'm very happy to report that all appears well at all the release sites. Baloo's gang is still hanging together. That's RJ facing us on the left and as you can see they still like to huddle around the feeder together as a group! Cooniebear the tail-less coon and his friend are still regulars as well as the big fat possie.
I was crazy enough to head to Dozer's release site last night..probably the coldest night of the year! I hadn't been in a while so I needed to check the bucket and maybe run into someone since they were occasionally there between 7 and 8 on the last round of pics from the coon cam, but I wasn't hopeful.
Well cold doesn't even begin to describe it. It was the kind of cold that makes the snot freeze in your nose when you breathe in! LOL How's that for descriptive! I'm glad I went though because the feeders were totally empty. So I filled them and ran the flashlight over the surrounding trees hoping someone was around. Just as I'm packing it in I catch sight of a pair of glowing eyes staring from a treetop. I start calling to them.....and ever so slowly I notice the glowing eyes going down the tree. Once they hit the ground I figure the coonie is either going to book it out of there the other way or hopefully head my way for a visit! Well he booked it all right....straight over to me! My baby Dozer was more than happy to see mom again! That was all Tank needed to see from his spot up another tree and down he came too, very happy to see me. Luckily I had my cell phone for pics again!
Both of them insisted on climbing into my arms and cuddling with me.... and doing a wonderful job of grooming my hair as well! (I wasn't wearing my nice warm fleece hoodie because Tank freaked out! He was sitting right next to me when I put it on and when he saw me...suddenly I wasn't mom anymore! LOL)
I could have stayed with them forever...but again, it was FREEZING! So I said my goodbye's and threw some treats down to keep them occupied while I snuck outta there to warm up my frostbitten face! But seeing them made it all worthwhile!

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