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Friday, January 29, 2010

A possie update.

Well 3 of the possies are doing great. Unfortunately we lost 2 one night a week or so ago. Both were fine when I fed them at night, then the next morning it was as if they just curled up and died. Laurie brought all 5 up to Tuft's to have the 2 dead ones get a necropsy and the 3 live one's examined for any problems. No problems uncovered in the necropsy and the other 3 passed their health check with flying colors! So I wish I had an explanation....but I don't.
Now every time I go in there I cringe expecting another sudden death for no reason!
The girls are doing fine so far and quite actively voicing their opinion of me invading their den box!! LOL They have quite a growl that equals the serious set of teeth there!!
On the menu for this particular evening, a nice potpourri of goodies...greens, veggies, scrambled eggs and the shells they came out of , peter's food and some fruit.

For desert some frozen yogurt.....I freeze the individual know the ones that come in 6 packs.....then put chunks in there for them.

So we're keeping our eyes on them...and looking into some results from another necropsy
done on an unrelated possie that died just like our situation. Laurie got some additional info on possies and diets that she's going to run by Tuft's and see if there is anything else or additional we should be doing.

The rest of the gang is fine....3 porky squirrels doing great as well as all the coonie's. It is absolutely freezing here (10 degrees if we are lucky!) and coupled with the frigid wind, no one poking their head out today! Smart furbutts!!

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