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Friday, January 8, 2010

Willie and Ellie are fully recovered!

Well it's safe to say Willy has finally recovered from his wounds! His left eye looks like he needs a little plastic surgery.....the lid is droopy and doesn't open as wide as the other, but it's definitely functional!
His foot has well as it could...and that also works fine now. Two toes are stubs, but it beats the awful hamburger mess that was there! It's hard to believe this is the same foot. He's definitely a lucky boy.

Ellie is also healed up fine! I have to remind myself which foot was injured...they both look perfect now and she's using her tail normally. On those rare occasions when she lets me fiddle with her tail, there is no more than a scab to be felt. She fared much better than Willie! Let's hope they both get some self-defense lessons from the rest of the gang while with them! I know the Muppet's definitely have some talent in that area! LOL

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