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Monday, January 18, 2010

Your blog to book. I add more and more photos to my blog, I notice that there is less room for them. So it dawns on me that at some point I am probably going to have to delete some of the oldest ones to make room for the new.
So I decide I want to print my blog so I will always have a copy of what has essentially been my journal/photo album of my wildlife rehabilitation life! What I ended up finding is this website:
(you can click on the links at the bottom of the sidebar to see what the 2 I made so far look can literally page through the whole book!)
It is free to download the program and it literally took my whole blog and put it into book form in a program where I was then able to edit it to my liking. Just what I was looking was very easy and I love it! Once you make your book you can purchase a copy and prices vary depending on type of book and number of pages. It' s a little pricey....especially for me having almost 300 pages for each year I put into book form. That is due in part to having a lot of pictures to put in there! But I now have a hard copy of my journey over the past few years in the land of wildlife rehabilitation and all the cute pictures to go along with it...journal and photo album in one and well worth it to me!
One thing the first book taught me was when working with pictures of cute animals, don't use the little thumbnail pictures...they are too small for all that cuteness!! Make the pics bigger and spread them out over more pages!
So if you have anything you want to put into book form...check out the website!

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