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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So sad.....

Another awful tragedy for one raccoon family. Got a call from the ACO officer...a tree cutting company had cut down a tree with a mom and her babies in it. I'm still investigating...but from what I can gather, they just cut it down without checking anything, right into the family. Then told the homeowner 2 hours later!!!..."Oh by the way we killed a raccoon and there are babies in there" and skipped out of there before animal control could get there....leaving behind a horrible mess to deal with!!

I was at work and helpless to help, but luckily Mary and Laurie were around and had it all under control! Mom was dead, 2 babies were injured and 3 babies remained unscathed. The first baby had to be euthanized due to the head injury sustained. Baby number 2 however was a little luckier. A large laceration to the jaw was stitched up.......

...and an equally messy laceration to the leg that I cannot imagine ever being put together very well were tended to.

And big Kudo's to Dr. Rice for putting this puzzle back together! Amazing...I can't believe it's the same leg! The poor thing is resting comfortably with Laurie for now while the 3 healthy siblings are in Mary's safe hands.

Hopefully the fix will hold on the leg..only time will tell. For now this little one will remain with Laurie separate from it's siblings until well enough...then when given the all clear, will get to join them again.

So as sad and upsetting as it is....not a total tragedy in the end. I'll be looking into that tree company! A couple minutes to take the time to check the most good tree companies do....could have spared a lot of pain and suffering!!


  1. I saw the little thumbnail pic on my "dashboard" and told myself - don't click it, don't click it, don't click it. But obviously I did, and just like I was afraid of I'm extremely upset and pissed off!

    PLEASE post the name of the tree company when you get it.

  2. I know...sometimes I wish I didn't know about some of these things...I can't get it out of my head!!