North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Monday, November 22, 2010

One big (almost) happy family!

After a weekend of chaperoning meet and greets in the big pen, our 3 groups of coonies have become one! First the divider was removed and the little kids May, Moose and Amy were given access to the the big kids pen. Surprisingly the one's I expected trouble from were pretty good about the new guests and the quietest ones were wreaking havoc! Andy in what a brat he is being! May of course was the bravest and biggest pain....she started more trouble than she avoided! She went straight to the ground, searching out food ignoring all the rest until any of them dared to sniff, approach or otherwise look at her funny......then she became little Miss. Spitfire and all hell would break loose!
All 3 eventually ventured down but would retreat to higher ground...and one of the chaperons! LOL.....when things got sticky. Eventually they just opted to stick to the higher spots and wrestle among themselves until things quieted down.

Little did they know that was only the beginning of the excitement for the day! Once things settled down with the 3 babies it was time for Vin and Tash to try their luck! For Tash it would be a reunion with some. Pip, Merry, Kinky, Scrappy and Dolci were his step-siblings before he was taken to be released. Little Pip here was especially happy to have him back!

Tash got a lot of hugs and grooming from Pip......
...and was eagerly accepted back by the rest of the gang.
Easy going boy that he is, Vin had no personal issues with anyone in there, but a few gave him a hard time. (Yup-Andy had issues!) He took it all in stride though and basically turned the other cheek and kept a low profile...despite Stony's attempts to ruffle his feathers here!

I think Tash had a word with his siblings telling them Vin was a pretty good dude because they were more than happy to welcome him in like one of the family as Kinky did here.
So with the exception of a few disputes that are basically more noise than anything, everyone is getting along pretty well now or avoiding those they don't get along with. At this point Andy is still the primary trouble maker but no worries, May has already put him in his place! LOL
That leaves Vin's cage open for a new girl that came in last week and has been staying in Mary's pen until I could vacate one. She does not appear ill but that doesn't mean she isn't. She appears tame though so she'll be in quarantine for some time to rule out rabies. It's quite possible someone raised her then booted her out when she became too much trouble or when they thought she was old enough....not realizing they did more harm than good. Luckily she was picked up by an ACO that cared enough to give her a chance instead of just assuming the worst and killing her. Her appetite is great, she's a good weight and her coat is not unkempt so time will tell for this new girl.


  1. That's awful that someone would attempt to raise one, then just put it out to survive on it's own and among others! Do the coons get special treats on "Giving Day"?...:)JP

  2. I know...people just don't realize there is more to raising them than just feeding them and letting them go when they are big least if you want them to survive out there! Last year the gang got pumpkin pie and LOVED it! They will definitely get something special this year too!