North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

*SIGH*- Vin has company.

I jinxed myself! The injured beach boy I talked about at the release site is back! I had spread Phillip's ashes out there with the gang so he could be free with them....silly I know but I hoped he would keep an eye on them with a little divine assistance maybe? No such luck...LOL. (or maybe just the luck Tash needed it would turn out!)

I set up the coon cam out there and there is plenty of activity. The gang is still hanging out together and until now Tashmoo was keeping up despite the fact that he is obviously still not using his back leg. If it was as simple as the bite wound he should not be limping around like this anymore!

He was injured over 3 weeks ago and at the very least should be bearing weight a little! Luckily with the camera I am able to see he is still getting along great, eating well and in good body condition. He's there with the gang every night so that's good. There is no way we'd be able to trap him with all those guys running around out there! Concerned but not terribly worried.....hes adapting and doing well.

Then Laurie checks the site Friday. He scared the crap out of her when she opened the den box and he's in there huffing away at her! (LOL...see I'm not the only one getting the crap scared outta me!)

Soooooo.....I head over after work and as I expected it was Tash. He still loves mom luckily so I was able to get him into a carrier and bring him home.

Vin was so excited when I arrived......until he realized I brought company and not a treat that is! LOL

They are both familiar with each other so they are able to be together. Vin was perfectly fine coming right down to say Hi....Tash a little less welcoming but tolerant just the same. They won't exactly be cuddling in the same den box together, but have no problem hanging out in the same pen together.

Tash was very happy to be safe and comfortable back home and definitely in need of some help from mom.

Until we are able to get an x-ray and a good look, I can't even begin to speculate, but the leg is very swollen and painful to the touch and although he can move it somewhat, he's not using it at all. He did manage to get into the hammock and make himself comfortable though!

Right now he's eating well and BAR (bright, alert, responsive) which is a very good sign. Whatever is wrong it's not making him sick at this point, just impairing his ability to function properly like climbing and escaping danger! A sitting duck on borrowed time if left out there on his own.

May, Amy and Moose are doing great....the 3 little pigs are eating all their food and growing like weeds.
As for the rest of the gang at the release is a little gimpy out there but not to the extent of Tashmoo. The gang is still hanging out together and doing well. Here is my sweetie Michelle (far left) looking great! She's the easiest to tell with that little snub nose of hers! Reminds me of my Dandy girl!


  1. Was Phillip the one who injured his rear leg and had a marshmallow treat? Where did you find him? Poor Phillip :(

    I hope the x-ray report shows Tash's injury isn't a major one. Gosh I just can't imagine how they can tolerate such pain.

    And what about Camy, the other coonie who also had a rear leg injury, have you seen him and is he well?

  2. Phillip was Michelle's brother who had a sudden onset of some type of neurological problem....the one I had a necropsy done on to make sure it wasn't something that could affect the other babies he was already in with. I think Camy might be the other gimpy one on video out there but he's not as bad as Tash...he's using the leg, just limping a little which is fine.

  3. So, once x-ray, do you then treat Tash for an infection to reduce swelling? Hope it's not blood poisoning...can that happen to coons?...)JP

  4. Oh yes JP...I was very concerned about Septicemia! We had one come in this spring with it and die and since Tash has been out there for a month with this I was freaking! Havn't posted it yet, but all his little foot bones between the toes and ankle are crushed. Nothing we can do surgically. Have to hope they heal fused together enough to be able to use the foot again and treating with antibiotics good for bone infections. No blood infection though and doing great! Eating like a pig and Vin is very happy to have company now! Whew...all he needs is time now.