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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Real Fox-Coyote Enclosure

This is a very disturbing practice that many of you will wish you never learned about....I know I wish I was blissfully ignorant to it still! However ignorance is not bliss for the wildlife victims of this barbaric practice! So forgive me, but I must share...the more people who know about it and fight it, the more innocent victims we can save. Many probably don't even realize this exists, so here is your wake up call people!
I am talking about fenced hunting, also referred to as wildlife pens or fox pens. Take a moment to click on the link above and read about it and add your voice of disapproval by signing the petition. Florida has recently (thankfully!) banned this tell Indiana to also!
Still don't have your attention? This will bring it brutally home for you........
The following video is disturbing....Lisa just don't bother watching it! And as sickening as it is, it is mild compared to some of the footage I have seen of this....of the dogs actually brutally killing these trapped and cornered animals WHO NEVER STOOD A CHANCE!
This outrages me beyond words, so my apologies but I'm stayin' up on this soap box!


  1. some humans disgust me. I'm sorry, but I could not watch past the trapped coyote in the beginning- already had tears in my eyes and knew I would cry my eyes out if I watched further. I signed and I wish I could sign a hundred more times. Why can't we learn to share this earth peacefully with all creatures- right down to the very smallest beetle. I'm glad there are people on the soapbox fighting for the defenseless ♥

  2. I'm sorry too, because I would love to stuff Mr. ignorant redneck so-called "hunter-trainer" in a crate and drive him to his pen. What fun to see just how good he would be at "out-smarting" and "out-maneuvering" me and my furry friends. Ooops, did you get cornered and mauled Mr. "hunter"?? Oh well, it happens. Just need to find a replacement ignorant, sadistic so called "hunter".
    In the meantime, I guess I'll sign this petition.