North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The raccoon shuffle....again.

OK...a bunch of changes again! See if you can keep up! ;)
Spencer is growing like a weed and adorable as hell! (Then again what baby raccoon isn't to me...hehe) He's still a loner as he's too young for the rest of the group. But never fear......

 .....the new kid Pinner (also adorable as hell!) is close enough in age for Spencer and as soon as his quarantine is over, each will finally have a friend!
 Trooper, Doc, Sis, Lucky, Ducky, Porcelain and Pebbles have moved into the outdoor pen with Soldier, Sammy, Rocco, Brim and Spit. Introductions went great and scuffles were very minor and they are now one big happy family! Porcelain & Pebbles are having no problems climbing and carrying on like maniacs in there, so release for them is a big fat go!!! Yippeee! Lucky & Ducky are tiny but having no problem maneuvering and climbing in there. At 11 weeks old they are smaller than Spencer and Pinner and more the size of a 6wk old....if that!...but they certainly act their real age.

Now for the rest of the inside crew.
Legend, Tumbler, Rizzoli, Isles, Springer, Chester and Bama are all one big group now. They have moved into the giant dog crate vacated by Trooper and the gang. Not one unhappy moment when they were all introduced! It was like they had always been together! All are doing great and reaping the benefits of the unfinished isolation temporary playroom...during feeding time. I just pull the crate up to the open door of the room and open the crate door. Everyone has the run of the playroom and the crate and it keeps them in a confined area where they can't wander off destroying the basement! At least until they figure out they can climb up the side of the crate and over the top to freedom!
Let the fun begin!
 Rizzoli and Chester

 Chester was freaked out by the camera. Then I made the mistake of letting him check it out to get over his fear.....what was I thinking! Now he won't leave it alone!
 The best chew toy in the room!
 Legend...what a sweetheart! She just loves getting mom's attention!

 Springer again.
 Chester the camera hog....again!
 Bama...he's doing awesome and no signs of neurological problems anymore!
 Rizzoli's fave chew toy!

 Legend and Tumbler. Aside from a very pronounced, Italian looking nose (which I couldn't get a good profile pic to show), Tumbler is none the worse for wear after her trauma.
 Yup....Chester once again after being told to get away from the camera! Do not let that innocent look fool ya! He's a little hellion....and he annoys them all!

Got a mother possum with 5 babies yesterday. Maureen the ACO rescued them and got them to Mary. Mom had been covered with a box and left for dead by the police who left her a message to pick it up. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from the homeowner whose driveway it was near saying it was alive and is anyone going to get it?!  It's unsure what is wrong with her, maybe hit by a car? No apparent external injuries but because she had babies, it was best to get her to Tufts to be thoroughly worked up and hopefully be helped and continue to be the one to care for the babies!
So later last night Mary and I brought them up there. When I checked in on them this morning she hadn't had a complete workup yet, but she had been given pain meds, eaten a little overnight, and was resting comfortably with the babies. Hopefully she will be OK, then maybe we can just settle her in somewhere to recover with her babies and release them all later.

Well off to the next round of feeding and cleaning.....


  1. I'm so happy that Stony's girls have recoverd and that they can be released when they grow older. It's also great to learn Bama is all healthy.

    Awww ... they are so darn cute ... even Trouble #3. There is no doubt Chester can continue to excel in trouble making skills. LOL. If he continues to practice his innocent look, perhaps he should acquire the nickname Trouble #1 the second instead.

  2. sigh... so much fun!!! i'm jealous...:D so cute!!!

  3. Trouble #1-the second works for me! Although he did behave himself today at least....

    They are so much fun! I love it when I actually have time to sit and enjoy them instead of rushing to get them all fed before going to work! :)

  4. wow!! DOUBLE wow!! how many are you caring for?? i didn't realize there were so many!!
    they're all just so adorable!! and that HAM...chester! what expressions they have!! i've said it before...but it's worth repeating...they're so lucky to have landed with YOU!
    ...and now...the 'possums...i hope the mother makes it...and her babies.
    one time...YEARS and years i passed a dead 'possum on the side of the road...i noticed movement out of the corner of my eye...
    i turned around & went back. the mother had been hit by a car...was dead...but she had one baby alive in her pouch. i took it home...called in to work that day...but unfortunately...he too died... :(

    you do such a wonderful thing!!!