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Sunday, June 12, 2011

An update in pictures...

OK...finally an update with pictures! 3 of the new kids are out of quarantine and loving their new playmates.
Springer the very tan little girl extricated from between the walls in a home is now with her 2 new brothers.....

Chester (from Dorchester) and Bama (brought in by Dave from Alabama).
A very rambunctious crew...this is as still as they get for a pic together!
Then there is Tumbler and Legend....Tumbler being the girl with the head and nose trauma. She's doing great......
.....and no problem eating from the bottle now!
2 new girls from the Animal Rescue League...Rizzoli and Isles. Very sweet and they will join Tumbler & Legend when both pair are out of quarantine...then the 4 of them will in turn join Springer et al....
The ever adorable Spencer...the youngest of the group has finally opened his eyes.
Rocco, the big puffball with legs, is doing great. He reminds me a lot of Michelle! He's still a loner as well until whatever bug is going through all the boys his age clears up.

And the older boys. After going 6 days without eating!!! Brim is finally back on the bottle and doing well. Once he started eating again, Soldier and Spit stopped! Ugghh. There has been no vomiting or diarrhea or any other signs for that matter...just refusing to eat. Sammy remains unaffected and he and Brim are now the 2 maniacs waiting at the door to be fed! Soldier and Spit have also begun to eat again....on and off for Spit. But they only went a couple days without eating. Soldier has eaten his last 4 meals, and Spit 3 out of 4 so I think we're back on track....I hope! Will have to give it some more time to make sure Sammy doesn't break with it also....then maybe Rocco can finally join them?

The mycoplasma twins are doing great. Pebbles is using all her legs pretty normally now and Porcelain seems to have some residual effects on her front leg where it started...but both are much improved!
......and cute as EVER!
Lucky & Ducky are awesome. Hard to believe these are the tiny little critters that could barely fit a nipple in their mouths a while back! They are very sweet and quite playful now...and doing so well with the older 3 that they are in with them permanently now.
Please may I have some more?
Trooper is a little maniac! Once the bottle is gone he's bouncing all over the place...usually up my back and yanking on my hair!
Doc is playing shy....don't be fooled, she and Sis are equal to Trooper on the maniac scale come play time!
Lucky may be smaller but she sure holds her own with the bigger Trooper a lesson on such.....

Then it's just coonie mayhem while I go about cleaning up after them!

And there ya have it....the inside group of 20.....I've been tip toeing around here like I'm avoiding the plague with 2 separate contagious issues going on, but hopefully we're over the hump on that....fingers crossed!!


  1. OMG! Those pictures MADE MY refreshing to look at these little ones after a week looking at houses!...:)JP

  2. OOOOoooh!! AAAaaaw!!! those are the CUTEST...most adorable little babies ever!!
    you are so good...for doing what you do!!
    thanks for starting my morning off with a SMILE!!

  3. Hi Deanna
    I just wanted to let you know that I pulled my six sick ones through. It was rough, lots of hours like you said in your blog and 2 weeks. I took pics of Magallen, Cujo, Rouge,young lady and airport. I don't have a pic of little guy but every one is doing great. I want to send pics I'm not sure how to do that like everyone else does in your blog site. Tracey You have my email. Well your computer fried maybe not.