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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The big boys are having a blast!

At last...all the big boys have recovered from whatever the heck was making them ill! They are eating formula and puppy chow out of bowls and Rocco has FINALLY got some playmates! Yeehaaa! He is thrilled beyond words!

Even better....they have moved into the outdoor pen! It was total excitement as they raced from the carrier...

...OK....not "total" excitement for all of them! LOL Brim was a little hesitant when it came to stepping out onto those dirty looking lumpy things!
But eventually he made his way out and was climbing the branches like a monkey in no time!
Soldier the Velcro coon. an old pro at this.
Brim giving his best pose.
Chowing down.
Sammy gives us a close up.
Rocco and heights were not the best of  friends to begin with......
....while the rest of the boys were climbing all over!
...on top and under the branches.
Rocco still holding on for dear life! LOL
This is the BEST!
Eventually Rocco got over his "height issue" and has no problem going up and down as necessary now.

In the process of cleaning the pen and checking things out in the woods I ran into Red! I didn't realize it was her at first. I thought it was Lexi but she's usually too shy to just come running over to me! It didn't take long to realize who it was when she made it very clear I was to give her some attention....NOW please! Hehe. I obliged her with a good scratching all over and set her up with a pile of treats. She looks great and has babies out there somewhere! It was great to see's been a while!

Ringer and Belle along with Scrappy and Gibby are pretty much nightly regulars when I go out there to feed and clean everyone. Gibby goes above and beyond, escorting me on my rounds, testing all the food buckets and treats to make sure everything is top quality, and annoying everyone in the pens trying to be-friend them all. He just can't seem to understand why these grown coonies keep snarling at him and chasing him when he's just trying to say Hi! Then one scares the crap out of him and he comes running to me and jumps into my arms. "Well if ya stopped annoying them...." I keep telling him! Adult raccoons do not want to make friends with strange, annoying little boys!

Yet another illness has reared it's ugly head. Bama is not doing well at all. He was perfectly normal for an 8pm feeding, then the next feeding at 2am he has a seizure in my lap. He did take his bottle after the seizure, but has been lethargic and somewhat neurologic since. As of right now he is not eating and he has trouble walking normal. All he does when I open his cage is stumble into my lap and want to snuggle up there. For now he's on supportive care and getting sub q fluids but I fear the worst. No other symptoms with him and different from both other issues that have gone on with the rest of the gang.

One other new boy has made his way here. He's pretty emaciated (most likely a sibling to one Laurie got a week ago!)and I'm slowly trying to bring him back around. He's pretty bright and alert and taking a bottle now....I'm ever so slowly introducing calories back into his system. He's getting clinicare and fluids for now in small amounts to jump start his system and if he does well on that I will eventually be able to work in regular formula. I can only hope there was no irreversible damage done if any of his organs had begun to shut down already. Keep your fingers crossed for the little guy and Bama too. :(


  1. Awww ... the older girls are back. Are they still not fond of each other but tolerable when they are with you?

    I'm a little confused on who's who. Is Bama the boy who got diarrhea from being fed regular milk? And Chester the boy who was 'kidnapped' by a pair of girls and ended up to an ARL coz the girls claimed he'd destroyed their home? Or perhaps Bama and Chester are another pair of boys altogether?

  2. No, you got it right the first time! :) You're probably keeping better track of them than I am! LOL I'm always getting confused...there are so many...good thing I keep good records.