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Friday, November 11, 2011

Chicken Little fits right in.

Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and woman who have served and sacrificed for our country!

Well, Chicken Little is just the cutest thing! She reminds me quite a bit of Pip. She's very petite, gets along with everyone, but don't mess with her food! Seeing as she spends a lot of time standing upright, it's safe to say her leg has healed just fine. No sign of a limp anymore and for real.....she spends a lot more time on 2 legs than 4 when I go in there.
I think it's because she's so little and surrounded by a mob of bigger coons, she had to resort to ways to make me notice her more when treats are being doled out.
But could I not notice such a cutie pie!
Cooper has lost his place as the smallest one in there, but he's a close runner up.
Once the tub o' grub arrives, everyone grabs their morsel of choice, runs to their own little space (so as not to have to share said morsel) and settles in for dinner.
Some of these guys had quite a growth spurt over this past month and are big enough to go now, but it's too late in the season. So lucky them, they get pampered for a few months more until I boot them out in the spring. Although Pebbles and Porcelain here were actually big enough to go earlier, they have been held over due to their mycoplasma issues. No re-occurrences since the last one, they are fine, but just a precaution. I fully anticipate them to be released in the spring with everyone else.

An example of how little Chicken is compared to Porcelain.
Two of the boys have an epic battle over a chicken leg...of course there were plenty more in there, but they each had to have THAT one!
Meanwhile the girls were smart enough to realize....there's a whole bucket of chicken here! No need to fight over it!
*Sigh*...those silly boys!
Please come back and visit soon!
Preferably with treats! :)

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