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Monday, November 28, 2011

Special thanks for special gifts.

Anyone who has been to my house has seen first hand that, yes, I am pretty much as crazy about raccoon decor as I am the actual beast! I have to give a great big shout out and thank you to a couple of people who have made my favorite things!
A friend of my Mom's, Carol Warren, made this beautiful quilt for Mom & Dad to give me for my birthday!  FINALLY I found the right hangers to get it up on the wall in my great room. The picture does not do it justice...its amazing! Dad has to cut some birch trees down that keep blocking my driveway when it snows so when he does I will be selecting a lovely branch from that to replace the dowel in use here. (As you can see it's not just coonies I decorate with! Notice the squirrel hangers.)

It is amazing and even has a lovely message on the back. Have I mentioned before that my parents are the best!? Rascal was my very first baby, and the rehab that started me on my path to wildlife rehabilitation. He's the reason for my love of raccoons and the reason behind the name Rascal Rescue for my rehab. (at least until we combine and become a 501c3!) Basically he's the one that started it all.
Thanks Carol for such a lovely quilt!

Now on to my absolute most favorite curtains!! Thanks so much to Mamie, Laurie and Lisa's mom, for what could only be the most perfect curtains for the home of a raccoon obsessed wildlife rehabilitator! LOL They are amazing and again, the picture just does not do them justice!
They absolutely make the room! I love them so much....thanks Mamie!!!

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