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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update on Boston the ARL rescue.

Here is the lucky boy. Is he handsome or what! He's pretty relaxed and tolerant of long as I'm not poking, prodding or trying to spray smelly granulex on his leg!

Here is the result of having you leg stuck and hanging from it with all of your body weight for a long period of time! Aside from the nerve damage, the major swelling after having the limb unstuck leads to wounds like this. I know it looks pretty bad, but in all actuality they look good for this type of wound! The tissue is nice and pink and alive and there is a healthy blood supply to the area.
And...if you look closely in this picture you can see his other rear leg as he proceeds to step out of the den box. Why is that so exciting you may ask? Well because while he's lifting that leg to step out, he's using his injured one to stand on, and it's in the proper position with no toes knuckling under! He's using the foot and leg! Wooohooooo!
The full extent of it's use will not be known for sure until a lot of healing has occurred and nerve damage takes time and for now I am optimistic that Boston will continue to recover after a long layover here in the safety of his pen. Lucky for him also,  Brian from the ARL realized he needed more than just getting unstuck and sent on his way. Nice job Brian and thanks for getting him here!

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