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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cold weather gear & River's gang.

As the weather gets colder I end up bundling up in warmer clothes to go out and take care of the kids. My favorite is my coon skin keeps my head so warm! I love it! Sometimes it gets too warm though and I have to take it off....

.....or it just gets hungry and crawls off into the food bucket! LOL!!! Silly River!
Up until this past month I could always rely on River and the kids showing up when I went out to feed the gang. Sometimes they were a little impatient I think too! I would come out and find them already waiting....snoozing away waiting for the sound of the shed door opening and food getting scooped into a bucket. sweet.
Now they are acting like normal sign of them until after dark. Howell the boy hasn't been with them in a while either. Probably hanging with the bachelors by now. A few days ago when I went out looking for them with some treats River and the girls came in with Ringer. It appears they may be hanging out together quite a bit now. They couldn't have a better guide to show them the ropes out there....she's the queen of the woods!

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