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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Boys.

Wake up's spring and it's warm!
Bama is still keeping his distance. It's not going to be fun trying to round him up for release!
One of Laurie's boys acts all tough and huffy when I go in there, but he's always following me around like a lost puppy until I finally reach up and scratch his chin! I think he's just putting on a show for the other boys trying to keep up the tough guy image.

Cooper is always happy to come out and say Hi.
Cute photo op....take my pic mom!
Bama did finally decide to come out, but he's still not coming anywhere near me!
Chester, happy as usual and always up for a visit.

Boston, just like Chicken, isn't about to show us more than this view.
When mom's around, food is around! Chester knows this better than any of them and begins looking for all the hiding places.
And speaking of boys......I had a late night visit that TOTALLY made my day after being pretty bummed about a squirrel death early in the day. (Long story short, one of my locals, a slightly neurologic girl that I've been keeping my eye on, made a leap from quite high up. She missed the tree she was aiming for and hit the top edge of one of the coon pens. I scooped her up but she passed shortly thereafter.)
Anyway, after getting home from work last night, it was so nice out and the sound of the peepers and the ducks and geese squawking on the pond was so relaxing, I decided to poke around out there and put out some cans of food for any of the gang if they were around. While finishing up at the main platform out back I was finally rewarded with a pair of eyes coming in for a visit. I fully expected to see River's dark face but was totally thrilled to discover it was Gibby! (I had seen him out there a week or so ago, but it was extremely windy and he was too skittish for more than a quick acknowledgement before he ran off into the brush.)
At first he just got up onto the platform to investigate what I was doing, then wandered back onto the ground. Next thing I know he's pawing at my leg. When I bent down to scratch him, he proceeded to wrap his arms around my neck and insist I pick him up and hold him like the old days! Thanks for the hug little buddy, I needed it!
I'm so happy to say he looks healthy and handsome as ever!

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