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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Girls!

Finally.....with the lovely warm weather it is a pleasure to venture into the woods and take care of the gang!
Spring fever has finally hit the coonies too! No more refusing to get out of a cozy, warm den box. It's spring, we're feeling frisky...woooo hooooo! Time to come out an visit mom and have some fun! Four of the girls are a little more eager than the rest to see me and get outside into the warm air!
Porcelain and Pebbles
Laurie's little girl came out, but kept her distance! She was not feeling the love at all.

Pebbles and Isles again....because I couldn't keep them away from me! When they want to play, they want to play....they'll hound me until I leave the pen!!

This was all I was going to see of Chicken! Well that, and part of one paw she stretched out to grab some treats from me.

I wish I could tell you what Rizzoli was up to here....but words elude me! Perhaps she's just a natural in front of the camera, showing us her sexy pose? Insert cat call here, LOL!
Pretty soon it'll be time for the big release........

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