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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The cat room is done!

Finally....Dad and I finished the floors in the cat room! The cat room is DONE! Yayyyy!
What a difference the floors make.

The cats are styling now. They have lots of beds and cat trees in there....

The old computer desk is cat bed central and I have since added a section of the old sectional that was replaced by Laurie's old leather couch.
The dining common is nice and easily accessible. Eventually I hope to have stairs or shelves that go up the bare walls to give them other places to climb and hang out.
I can't wait until Spring hits and I can get the outdoor section set up and ready for them to enjoy!


  1. What a beautiful job on the flooring! Your cats are as spoiled as my dogs!...:)JP

  2. yay!! awesome job on the floor! how many cats inhabit the cat room?

  3. 3 of the 5....they were all having "peeing" issues around the house! Grrrr....So I made an easy to clean cat room for them. What a sucker I am LOL!

  4. hey...we do what we do...for those we LoVE!