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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank you all!

The fundraiser on Sunday was a wonderful time and great success thanks to all of you, our awesome supporters! We cannot thank you all enough!! Though not there in person, Phillip & Michelle kicked it off to a great were there in spirit for sure! Thank you so much!

We had a full house and a great time and it was awesome to be putting money into our supporters pockets as well! Ya can't beat that!
Lots of good food, good friends and fun, fun, fun!
JoAnn....without the Mr. Magoo goggles this time!
A lovely picture of Laurie's son and his girlfriend....well, except for Laurie lurking in the background! LOL
Laurie and my mom!
Laurie's mom and grandmother learn how rich they are!
Big thanks to Dale who did all the work! She was busy from the time she got there at 3 right up until about 11pm! Not a single break....I don't know how she did it!
Anna and Maris
My mom chatting with Heather and her lovely daughter and Carol, the amazing creator of the quilt hanging on the great room wall!
My beautiful sister-in-law Christine and Lisa (she used to dispatch with me). I don't know how Lisa did it...she's due in 7 weeks and spent the day at a parade with her young son then most of the night here. I would have been whining on the couch begging for a foot rub had I been her!
The weather was absolutely beautiful too, so people could head outside and take a peek at any residents willing to show themselves......there was a ham or two willing to show off of course!

The Woburn Animal Hospital gang.

Holy crap! I'm getting how much!?! LOL
We also raffled off some goodies....
Celine & Christine! (Thanks for the goodies for the gang and the mommy Celine! ;) )
...and I really wish you could see the adorable owl earrings Stephanie won! I thought I got it in the shot...grrrr! Trust me when I say they looked awesome on her....perfect with the owl ring!
My cousins Christina, Michelle and Kathleen with Mom, Christine and Celine.

Boo Boo is cheating on me! LOL He sure knows how to get the attention he wants!
It wouldn't be a party without this shot at the end of the night now, would it?! LOL
It was a great night! Thanks to everyone who came and all those that have supported us all along. This post would go on forever if I attempted to list you all here....but you all know who you are and we love ya! We certainly couldn't do it without all of you and we are eternally grateful!

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