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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eggs, acorns and fun!

Life goes on for Scritch's gang in the big pen. They are doing great and the time for release is drawing near! So far it seems all are on track to be big enough for release. The Dighton 4, the Little Rascals, Mason, Cinder, Bossy, Fluff, Millie and Champ...a good sized group that can hopefully all go together at one release site.
Dinner this evening consists of mice, eggs and acorns mixed in with some dog chow.
The eggs are still somewhat of a puzzle to some of them!
 .....but the acorns are no problem for this crew! They love them!


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  1. You make these guys look so cuddly and cute while so many people portray them as mean!!!...:)JP