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Monday, September 10, 2012

Odie update!

Odie is still with us and doing great! He has come a long way from the scrawny, very stunted baby he was!

He is starting to look like a real raccoon now! His teeth finally developed and he went from a formula/yogurt/omnivore diet gruel to finally eating solid food! As a result, he finally started putting on some weight and filled in. He still has a long way to go though....he is still very small and his coat is not filling in like a coons coat should. It's very soft with no guard hairs yet and no undercoat for warmth. I am optimistic he may actually do well and be releasable! All he needs is the time to develop properly. So obviously, he will be overwintering, and we shall see what the winter holds for our little runty man!

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