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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dusty's looking good!

Although he is still scrawny as hell, Dusty is gaining weight and his gut has finally gotten used to eating like a normal baby raccoon.....we finally have normal, solid poops too! He has bounced back from the starvation aspect of his recovery.
On to phase 2, the mange! He did get his first dose of selamectin after he was stable, but I held off on the antibiotics so as not to send his gut into a tailspin! Now that I'm getting normal poops from him, I'll start the antibiotics tonight. But before that, bath time with a nice seborrhea shampoo to soothe his skin and clear up the scaly, oily skin! Look at all the dirty crap that came off of him! Yuck!
Luckily he seemed to enjoy his bath. Nice warm water and lots of scrubbing in all the itchy places...what's not to like!

Ten minutes later, a nice rinse and dry, raccoon burrito style....

.....and voila!!!! Our drowned rat looks more like a cute, fluffy, less stinky baby coon!

His skin is still a little patchy, but much better than when he came in.
His little hands were bare from the wrist down a couple weeks ago, and already the hair is growing back in.
He's looking and smelling like new! His first round of vaccines, another meal of nice warm formula, and he's settled back into a nice big cage, feeling like a million bucks!

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  1. A good bath always make one feel better! To cute!