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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby season has begun!

The first raccoons are in! Romeo and Juliet here are doing great after a rough start! Mom had her nest in someones basement. They chased her off, then discovered 5 little ones in a box. Luckily Tom, the ACO in Arlington, happened to already know what to do! He got them set up outside for Mom to collect. Unfortunately she only came back for 3 of them.
Both are quite comfy and warm and eating like pigs.....oh, and did I mention absolutely adorable! :)

 The little squirrel is growing fast and so far, still a single! I'm sure it won't be long before she has a friend though.  Lisa has a litter of 4 a little smaller and Mary just got 2 really young ones...only 38 grams, from Tufts. They are starting to trickle in!
She is very cute and enjoys a little snuggle and nap after lunch!
JoAnn will be getting some baby bunnies today. Lisa picked them up yesterday and was evaluating and re-hydrating them for the night.

Remember out little girl that decided to settle in on a third floor balcony at the end of March? Well she keeps making appearances on different balconies in the same complex, this time parting a man from the rest of his beer! Something is definitely up with her, and she is definitely expecting. Possibly a young, inexperienced mom with no place to go. It is obvious if she had babies, they are gone, and if she is going to, they are not going last long out on these particular balconies. It was easy enough to grab her to bring her in to evaluate.
To my surprise, I think she may have begun to go into labor in the crate on the way home. Evaluation complete! I got her to Mary's where we could let her settle in . Unfortunately the whole ordeal was very stressful for her. Based on that, and the fact that she appears to be a very inexperienced mother, the fate of any babies is up in the air. I'm not even sure if her labor is on time or induced by the stress.
Mary peeked in on her this morning and she was settled comfortably in a hammock in the pen. She could hear little noises, but was unsure if it was babies or mom. Only time will tell, and for right now, the best thing is to just stay away from her altogether so as not to stress her out more. There is plenty of food and water, and in a couple of days we'll try to listen for more baby sounds.

And so it begins..........!

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