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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crazy days.

It's been a crazy couple of days! It all started when I responded to a call where a tree was being cut down and a mother raccoon ran out with a baby and hid under the neighbors deck. When I got there I was told mom managed to grab 2 or 3 of her babies and they had the rest. I asked where they were and I was told "Right over there in the to the baby squirrels!" Uggghhhh! 
So mom raccoon and mom squirrel lost a perfect home and it was my turn to try to make things better! 
First things first....I gathered the 5 remaining raccoon kits and brought them to mom and siblings under the neighbors porch. She wasted no time collecting them and retreating to the far reaches under there! I then set up a radio under there and instructed the homeowner  to leave it on and she should relocate the whole family during the night. Thank God the whole family was gone the next morning when I returned to check on the situation. Success!
Unfortunately the situation was not conducive to attempt a reunite with the squirrels. All 4 girls are now safe and snuggled in here.

Fast forward to the next day. I get a call from the Animal Rescue League. We've got possums and squirrels and coons, oh my! The first delivery included 4 extremely emaciated squirrels, 3 baby raccoons and 2 tiny possums. Two of the squirrels unfortunately did not survive, however the other 2 are doing great in Laurie's hands. 
Two other deliveries.....a single squirrel each time. Both little boys are doing well, cute as hell, and are now snuggled in with the 4 girls from the tree.

The 3 little raccoons were left in a box next to a dumpster. Luckily a kind soul rescued them and contacted the ARL to save them! They are quite comfortable here now and doing well so far!

The possums were also saved by a kind soul who discovered the body of the mom hit by a car, and turkey vultures making a meal of her and the unfortunate babies! These 2 were all that remained and are now safe and sound with Laurie.
An update from Mary on our new mother raccoon. She is quite relaxed and content in there and Mary actually managed to get a look at 2 babies! They look great so mom appears to be doing well after such a rough start.
Baby season is officially in full swing...

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