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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Itty & Bitty

These tiny little boys came in to Laurie on Friday. They were found just laying on a sidewalk near a T station in Dorchester, I believe. They are very tiny for their age, weighing in at only 105 grams, were not staying warm regardless of how much heat she put them on, pretty weak and were not thriving very well. Being pretty runty, mom may have abandoned them.
Laurie spent the weekend getting them re-hydrated and, due to their very small size, got them started on formula by tube feeding. I told her I would take over so I offered a trade! LOL
On Sunday I got 3 new babies about the same age, but much bigger and healthier the way they should be! A very kind man had been made aware of the fact that the mom's tree had been cut down in Framingham on Friday. Although he lived in Worcester, he made the effort to try to re-unite them that night with their mom, sitting out there in his car most of the night! Unfortunately mom only came back for one baby, so he took the remaining babies in and cared for them until he got them to me Sunday. He did an awesome job and they were all in great health, perfectly hydrated and eating well!
Laurie brought me Itty and Bitty and took the new 3 with her.

I am guardedly optimistic about these 2. We started them on antibiotics just before she brought them and they are still being tube fed, but they seem to be improving. Both are maintaining their warmth, gaining weight and seem stronger and more active....and we've got perfect normal poop after every meal! How exciting is that! LOL  I don't think they are out of the woods by any means yet, but hopefully with a little extra TLC and effort, they will grow and thrive. Only time will tell at this point, so fingers crossed everyone!

The other 9 baby raccoons and 6 squirrels here are doing great. I'll try to get updated pics of them soon! We are all pretty much filling up with babies of all types now....

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