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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Looky looky!

Well look who finally opened her eyes! She's getting big and needs friends! Just as I was getting ready to see if Lisa wanted to add her to the group she has....

 .....four new babies have arrived! A little younger, but close enough to join her! Their tree was being taken down by the forestry department. Luckily the guys noticed the nest and were kind enough to stop cutting the tree down and wait for me to come in and handle it! All 4 are safe and sound, have been introduced to Chippy, and are now with Laurie.
And the squirrels are with Laurie because these 4 tiny ones came in over the weekend! It was going to be hard lugging these 4, Romeo and Juliette (whose eyes are starting to crack open by the way) and 5 baby squirrels to work, never mind having the time to feed them as often as needed at their young age!
So we have 2 boys and 2 girls, about a week old. Mom was chased off and these poor little ones were left in a trap in the cold for about 8 hours! Luckily a friend got a hold of them, warmed them up, and got them to me! All 4 are doing great and are just as cute as can be! Thank you Lisa!!

Mary reports our new mom has settled in quietly at her place. She is eating and drinking and Mary can hear happy baby sounds coming from in there! Whew! Considering all she has been through, she's proving to be a great mom so far.

This little bun was brought to me this morning. Mom and siblings had been killed by a dog yesterday it was thought, although after my initial exam he seemed pretty emaciated and dehydrated, more than a day's worth. The woman that brought him to me checked with her neighbor after dropping it off, and come to find out it had happened Friday! They had tried to care for it themselves, then got it to her only yesterday. Poor baby is so thin! But he did start to perk up a little after getting re hydrated, and now that he is in JoAnn's very capable hands, he just may have a chance!

JoAnn has quite a collection starting herself! A few other baby buns, some squirrels and a very tiny mouse. She's got her hands full with that crew.
We are off and running!

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